How can we help you grow your business?

We start by agreeing a '0ne page' marketing plan

This may include some simple desk market research

You may be struggling with writing compelling content for web, blog, social media or print

You may need to look at your customer database; a huge in-house under used sales asset

Your internal marketing team may need short term support

You may need to show others how marketing improves the bottom line

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For over 30 years, we have helped our clients increase sales income and profits. We can help you do this with a a full business development service or you can access individual services. Here are some of the business sectors we have succesfully worked in:

  • healthcare, air purification, coffee roasting
  • high end retail, accountancy, financial services
  • engineering, training, education
  • charitities, pressure care products, kids daycare
  • local football clubs, local government, mobility products
  • soft drinks, brewing, hospitality
  • office furniture, home security, military products
  • specialist seating, aircraft interiors, care homes
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The Deve team are experienced marketing, accounting, PR and copywriting professionals.

They have worked on an impressive range of brands including Schweppes, Pepsi Cola, Appletise, 7UP, British Library, BASF, Pioneer, Credit Suisse, Aquascutum, BBC Radio, Royal Mail, Basildon Bond, Unipart, Kodak Professional, London Rubber, Heineken, Truman Beers, Roses Lime Juice, Merchant Taylors School. There have been many more SMEs, giving a wide experience of different market sectors.

For marketing to be effective it must show a return on investment. You think you may have the best creative work in the world but if it does not bring in any sales it is a waste of cash and resources. The CEO, Chris Edwards, has been invloved in several start ups - some have failed. But here's the thing - you always learn from failures. He has owned an award winning free house.

Deve people are on a mission to show that traditional marketing thinking is still relevant. Creativity is at the heart of marketing organisations. Too much emphasis is placed on the latest technology. Technology develops sales channels, creativity develops value. Most web designers are great at 'techie stuff' but usually very poor at writing elegant flowing content that sells.

About Deve

The team at Deve supply be-spoke business development services. We combine the disciplines of common sense marketing and management accounting to help our clients increase sales and improve margins. We have succesfully solved problems for multinationals, SMEs and start-ups. We have a background in client side marketing, commercial finance and West End agency practices. We have experience of many B2C and B2B markets. You can take up our full set of services. Or you can access individual skills in business planning, effective marketing, advertising, PR, market research, copywriting, design and print.

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