How to grow your business increase sales and profits

Increase sales and margins with a fresh look at your marketing plans

Looking for ideas to grow business, increase sales and make bigger profits

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For over 3 decades we have been helping businesses like yours grow sales and increase profits. To help you get more customers into your business, we have put together a business development programme containing the most effective, powerful but simple strategies and techniques.

business development planning, marketing analysis, flow charts, how to plan success
Business Development

All businesses need a strategy for business growth. We are experts are formulating and implementing strategies that will improve sales and profits and add value for your customers

successful effective marketing and business planning for SME with profit growth
Effective Marketing

Combine classic marketing with the latest on-line techniques to build sales and profits

using PR to increase sales and profits
Public Relations

Build a relationship with your target customers for repeat purchase and referrals

how to develop a sales strategy to increase income and profits

Create selling strategies so that your customers make a purchase from you and not your competitors.

Business Plans

How to write business plans for growth and fund raising

how to use market reseacrh to increase sales and profits
Market Research

Using market research to find your most profitable customers

how to develop advertising and promtion campaigns to increase sales and profits
Advertising & Promotions

How to create advertising and promotions that sell

how to write good copy and content for increasing sales and profits

How to write copy that charms buyers

Not many organisations have this knowledge, skills and experience all in one place. We can help you grow your business, increase sales and make profits. With gaps in management skills use the Deve full service or access some of our individual services. To discuss a project, or for more information or just to stay on our list submit the form

Walter Brennan at Wise Training

I have worked with Chris and his team for many years. Their research and testing approach to my campaigns has produced excellent new business and saved thousands compared with my previous agency. Walter Brennan, OBT

About Deve

The team at Deve supply be-spoke business development services. We combine the disciplines of common sense marketing and management accounting to help our clients increase sales and improve margins. We have succesfully solved problems for multinationals, SMEs and start-ups. We have a background in client side marketing, commercial finance and West End agency practices. We have experience of many B2C and B2B markets. You can take up our full set of services. Or you can access individual skills in business planning, effective marketing, advertising, PR, market research, copywriting, design and print.

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